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Title: A few questions answered
Post by: David on December 18, 2007, 03:02 PM NHFT
Why start a city of anarchists?  What advantage would there be?  You will still be surrounded by gov't, it is not real anarchy

It is not the things in society that I see a need to recreate.  It is the replacement of gov't that needs to be worked out.  It is easy to say if there was no gov't then security agencies would take over.  But how do you know?  In lightly populated where the market is thin there may not be much that would look like anything in terms of 'traditional policing'. 

While I am personally confident that the issue of roads is not a big obstacle, confidence is not proof or fact.  How do you divide existing roads, where there is no clear ownership, and who does the dividing?  When state functions were 'privitized' in Russia, they went mostly to political favored people for pennies on the dollar.  That is a big reason the prosecution of what is called the oligarches is so popular.  Putin is extroidinarily popular for going after them.  This will not likely be any different in the US. 

The idea that civil disobiediance will snowball and the end result will be anarchy has merit, as the continuel challenging of bad law definitely results in less gov't.  But concerns about the transition will stunt the willingness of others to put themselves and their property on the line.  At best you will end up with a minarchy.  I am very worried, based on the long history of anarchy theory that we have yet to firmly establish one.  If it doesn't happen, at least on a small basis there will never be a clear idea of the eventual goal other than blind belief that the free market will solve everything.  But gov't has a nasty habit of interfering with the free market, and especially so when it feels threated.  I don't expect this to change.  Further, many distrust the free market.  In fact, many socialist anarchists do not trust capitalism.

A city of anarchists will be surrounded by gov't.  That will always be true no matter how successful we are.  If we liberate Keene, we will be surrounded by the NH state.  If we liberate NH, then surrounded by the other states and of course the feds.  This is a fact of life that we may as well get used to.  Learn how to use the media to rally popular support for our peaceful cause.  Remain very friendly with others near us, and we likely gain allies in tough times.  Of course by nature of what we are doing we are by default already in disobiediance to gov't. 

Self defense.  Because I reject violent means to protect myself from gov't, I must find creative means to resist them. Having several anarchists in the immediant vicinity, has these advantages.  Cameras and camera phones will be useful if they decide to get violent with us.  If they send in a police car, we can stand in front of it, forcing it to stop, or leave.   Immediant response to an activist who is harrased or arrested. 
I believe it is imperitive to remain friendly with others as a form of self defence.  Those who feel unthreatened by us will not have a burning desire to be rid of us.  Less incentive to call police.  Our weapons will be human stubborness, creativiy, and cameras to put a nice big spotlight on any vicious behavior by the enforcers. 
Title: Re: A few questions answered
Post by: Eli on December 18, 2007, 03:16 PM NHFT
Have you  read "alongside night"?  I finished it last week and it is quite persuasive.  Build the society you want.  Make it profitable.  Live free. 

Hard to take the plunge but hard to argue with.
Title: Re: A few questions answered
Post by: srqrebel on February 14, 2008, 12:54 PM NHFT
Hey David... have you seen this?;topicseen

If there is enough interest in the anarchy house project, this listing might be both affordable and attractive, and large enough to handle such a project.

I would have to see the property before deciding, but there is a good chance I would be willing to chip in funds (to the best of my ability), and be a 'charter member' of the community.

Whaddaya think?
Title: Re: A few questions answered
Post by: FTL_Ian on February 14, 2008, 11:40 PM NHFT

<Watches with interest...>
Title: Re: A few questions answered
Post by: John Edward Mercier on February 17, 2008, 06:26 AM NHFT
I generally just perceive the world as a very large number of contracts.
Title: Re: A few questions answered
Post by: David on February 19, 2008, 12:24 PM NHFT
Taxes under 200 dollars, not bad.  The gov't need not know there would be building going on.   ;)