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Title: Liberation by Internet
Post by: memenode on September 22, 2008, 12:15 AM NHFT
Here is a to me very inspiring article from Liberation by Internet (

It's a breath of hope that comes so close to my pet passion; the technology. It can be a curse, used for ever more efficient totalitarian control, but it could just as well be used as means of final liberation.

And here's a thought that should worry statists. Between the free market and coercive monopoly the free market is always more efficient. It might follow that between oppressive uses of technology and liberating uses of technology, the latter is ultimately stronger and more likely to win.

But since technology is by itself neutral, it will still take a lot of the dedication of liberty lovers to make the best and most efficient use of it to free the world. I don't think the internet has been used as effectively as it could be by voluntaryists... YET! ;)