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Post by: sgtusmc on August 22, 2012, 08:28 AM NHFT
Registered LLC to help Veterans for free
   Paperwork is on its way to the Secretary of State’s office.  Our US Military Veterans risk their lives to keep the USA free and safe so this is the least my wife and I can do with our life savings.  The power of the newspaper is to harm not just the citizens that the editor’s do not like but also the repercussion from not informing all the readers with unbiased facts of the truth.  600 homeless US Military Veterans roam the streets of NH at any one time.  These are not worthless men and women.  These are the men and women that went off to fight to keep you that will never serve in the US armed forces free and safe.  These men and women who lived a life no one back here can imagine has humanely possible.  The mind plays dirty trick on some that went through that what no civilized society will accept as real as we served in combat.  We broke the civilized rules not because we wanted to but because it is required to defeat the enemy so the USA may continue free and safe.  The newspapers believe it is so much they’re right to censor the truth from the public for what they want you to believe that I am.  A citizen of the USA that came back to the “Real World” 100% disabled US Marine that got these disabilities so the newspapers could continue to have Freedom of the Press.  The act by the newspapers in NH to censor my opinion letters is directly keeping some of these 600 US Military Veterans that never have the chance to come home mentally as well as physically, homeless and in ill health.
   The editors feel it is their right to protect criminal acts to diminish our Constitution by the NH Supreme Court.  I took a case where Judge Peter Favuer with intent to harm other US citizens enabled the Madbuty NH selectmen to with the trusted power of the people take for the selectmen’s own self gain from the local residents to the NH SC.   The NH SC refused to hear the case and that is wrong.  Now to keep the voters ignorant the newspapers will not inform the public of my run for NH State Senate and what my platform is.  It is the people’s right to be informed of the complete facts.  To do any less the far reaching repercussion will take what little life is left in the homeless US Military on the Streets of New Hampshire to a victory for the enemy so long ago. 
   My wife and I spent our life saving to buy eleven-acres of land with waterfront to build cabins for homeless veterans to live for free.  We also want to build some camp sites on the water for US Military Veterans to vacation free of charge with their families to reunite in a way to bring out the love in us all.  The paperwork is done so now we start to design and build. 
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
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