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Title: US Military in Iraq (and ramble)
Post by: d_goddard on June 01, 2006, 10:15 PM NHFT
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I just heard a guest of Garder Goldsmith's show ( who spoke (quite convincingly, IMO) on the rationale for keeping a US military presence in the Middle East.
As you might expect, he did this by drawing parallels between fundamentalist Islam, and Nazism.
Cliche, yes, but cliches are often cliche for very reasonable reasons.

The fellow's name was Tom McInerney, and he (co-)wrote a book, Endgame (

In my never-humble and clearly-correct opinion, he's missing a key element: the need for an objective, measurable series of milestones resulting in the pullout of said forces. That's as critical a difference as "not!" makes to any sentence.

So, call me a Right-leaning Libertarian.
Oh, yeah, I voted for Arnold just before I jumped off California as it was sinking (!

P.S. Somebody really better get the TooL reference...

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