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Author Topic: Expo Hours - theory and practice  (Read 479 times)


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Expo Hours - theory and practice
« on: June 30, 2008, 12:56 AM NHFT »

I probably should start a whole thread for the Expo Hours, but I'm almost all packed up and need to head up to Gunstock.

We did reserve a domain name:, but not sure if Fred has put anything up on there yet. No, I checked and it's not showing up yet.

Be thinking of how to issue the money in a way that is fair. AltExpo wants to make some FRN's to cover out-of-pocket costs, and we may be the only one taking them as a "merchant" at first - for coffee and mugs. Maybe we can get some other early-adopter merchants. I know Ron Helwig is bringing up a pickup load of firewood from his land - maybe he'll accept Expos. We sorta need a sign for merchants that says: "Expo Hours accepted here!"

I finally read an article by Tom Kennedy in the Kingston (Ontario) Eye Opener (Vol.5, No.1, Jan-Feb 2007, pps 8-9) paper he gave me at AltExpo #0 at Liberty Forum 07. He describes 2 methods for issuing hours-based currency: 1) issued in exchange for a promissory note for hours, and 2) Centralized distribution of a previously determined amount to all participants. I had thought of 2), like in a Monopoly game, and was puzzling over a solution similar to 1). Tom is a Community Currency Consultant and I will see if we can get him down here to present at a mini AltExpo to be held maybe in the Fall.

In my activity, I have come across 2 community activist groups who might want to implement hours-based community currencies: Barnstead, N.H. and South Berwick, Maine. I think we could get Tom down here to present to the several groups all at once and I have a hall in mind that would be great for this.

I'll look for Tom's article online and post a link here if I can find it.
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