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"Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."  --Alexander Haig

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Author Topic: MAKE OFFER! Various Merchandise, Payment Methods  (Read 753 times)


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MAKE OFFER! Various Merchandise, Payment Methods
« on: November 28, 2008, 03:23 PM NHFT »

MAKE OFFER!  featuring A-Z Various Merchandise and Payment methods.

Life is an negotiation and so I thought how about a thread that would ask people, who've got something to sell, to announce it or advertise freely with descrip/pic.  :inspect:  what it is they're selling.  Then simply say: MAKE OFFER!  All types of merchandise, (if you've got it, then you can sell it, but of course all things LEGAL), so whatever it is, and of course you can use whatever you want to trade with (fed notes, silver, gold, future work, etc.) anything goes.   

It's an auction with no starting or sale price on anything...People can say, WHAT they paid for it, but NOT what they want for it now. Just say, MAKE OFFER!   Of course, the seller would always be free to counter "up" any offer...(example: offer is $30, Seller says I need $40..Buyer says would you take $35?  Seller says yes...$5 dollar bounce).

If you're selling, it's kind of like fishing...if you're buying, it's kind of like hunting, but basically it's an "open air" auction, without all the registration, etc...and due to the fact that there are a lot of the communities, so close, it's also especially friendly for selling big stuff, like furniture, lawn equipment, etc.because you don't have to pay for just go pick it up and/or etc.

Another idea that comes to mind is perhaps the seller would create a sudden FINAL OFFER deadline after he/she receives the number of bids, that they feel comfortable with, so as to try and drive the price higher just before the sale.  But of course this is at the seller's discretion.

                                                            That's it.  Please Feel Free to MAKE OFFER!

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Re: MAKE OFFER! Various Merchandise, Payment Methods
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2008, 04:18 PM NHFT »

Sony PSP, older style, great condition, hardly ever used.  Comes with black clear armor attached (does come unattached) and comes with 2 "Boondocks" cartoon shows and "Grand Theft Auto" Liberty City Stories.

I have to check on one of the plugs for it, but also comes with memory card.

You can go online with it, play video games, and play music like an MP3. . .a  great christmas gift

Paid around $400 for all, system, memory card, armor case, games and movies

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