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Author Topic: Someone asked Nashua PD their thoughts on an OC BBQ picnic... and NPD responded.  (Read 2440 times)


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So I emailed the Nashua PD months ago, about their feelings on an open carry 'picnic'. Finally a week or so ago, Deputy Chief John Seusing responded, more or less asking me to restate the question. He didn't know what I meant by "open carry". My response and then his is as follows:


Thank you for responding. No one had yet, and I felt it might have been
pigeon holed.
By open carry, I am referring to firearms, in proper arming status,
holstered, in plane view, on a persons body. And have a picnic/BBQ in
such a manner. The common public as a whole greatly misunderstands
firearms, and seems to think that if you own one, you are a criminal, or
will be a criminal. Open carry is legal, without a concealed carry
permit. This event would be done as a public awareness, that
responsible, law abiding citizens own firearms, and can carry one,
without an incident, and it is also a way for people who feel like
they're the only one trying to always keep a firearm hidden under a
jacket (legally, with a permit!), and not scare the horses, for those
people to get together and realize they're not alone, and make some
friends.... to come together as a community. And I, we... would greatly
appreciate the PDs support, preferably open, public support, in this

I hope this answers any questions you had, and I look forward to a
response from you, and thank you for your time.



Mr. Brueckner,

The Nashua Police Department is certainly aware of your right to carry a
firearm even in a public setting under most circumstances. We are aware
of that and have no intention of interfering with that. However we do
not support or advocate the type of gathering you are planning and it's
intended purpose. We understand you have a legal right to do it but feel
your intended gathering at a city park will do nothing but cause alarm
to many citizens who go there to enjoy the park with their children. We
do not feel it is in the best interest of anyone and will cause more
concern and alarm to many families.

Should you wish to continue with your intentions I would request that
you let me know where and when you are planning such an event. If you
have any  further questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Deputy Chief John Seusing
Uniform Operations
Nashua Police Department
Panther Drive, Nashua, N.H.



Respectful, polite, acknowledged the right, and really would prefer it not be exercised.




Thanks again for responding. It's very appreciated.
The point that someone legally carrying a firearm, and showing no signs of threat, scares people, is the exact problem why we think open carry should be more practiced..... because the public has a misunderstood fear of firearms; firearms are bad, firearms kill, firearms are unsafe. And I would think as a deputy chief of police, you understand that fallacy as well as I do. Firearms are mechanical devices. They don't prefer to do bad, they do not make the choice to kill, and they are only as unsafe as you allow them to be. The public understanding these facts; that law abiding, responsible citizens can own and carry firearms without committing a crime, or without "accidentally" shooting someone is a big thing. And hopefully, curiosity will lead people to ask questions, so they can be educated, so it can be explained to them how weapons can be carried safely, responsible, without incident, and without breaking the law. Since you mentioned children, that weapons can be rendered safe and stored safely in homes with children, and many people at the BBQ would be living proof of that. Also, that one of the largest problems believed to be associated with children mishandling firearms, is their sheltering of them, and lack of understanding about them. Every parent has the right to raise their children how they want, I'm not interfering with that, and I'm not a parent myself. But my close friends who do, teach their children discipline and safety. Their children know that weapons can be dangerous, they know what can happen if they're mishandled, and were they to find themselves near a firearm without adult supervision, they would not be on the news later that night for shooting their friend on accident. And the more children (at the right age and maturity, to be decided by the parents) who are aware and disciplined, the better. Even a parent makes the choice to not educate their children, or feel their children are not yet mature enough, firearms can still be stored, safely in a home, 'child proof'. And the more adults and parents who teach and practice firearm safety and responsibility, the better. And all of this could be helped by public awareness and understanding, and the path that leads to there would be much less rocky with your help. Thank you again for your time.

-Wendel Brueckner

Keyser Soce

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When were you thinking of doing this?


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When were you thinking of doing this?

It was someone else; the person didn't have a date set yet.


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Yes, won't you please think of the families and their irrational fear of armed people who aren't pigs.


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Heck, I'd feel a lot safer at a park surrounded by people carrying firearms than I would all by myself with a purse...
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