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Author Topic: inspection  (Read 792 times)


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« on: April 26, 2009, 07:10 PM NHFT »

So against my better judgment I registered my car in New Hampshire, because my registration expires at the end of the month.   Anyways I know my vehicle will fail the inspection, because the check engine light is on which it has been since I purchased the car in 2006. Should I get it inspected anyways, so then I know whats wrong, since as I understand it reinspections are no additional cost.  Do they allow any extra time if your car fails?  IE say like I wait until day 10 to get the car inspected and it fails. 


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Re: inspection
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2009, 07:47 PM NHFT »

A first step might be to take your car to a place such as Autozone that will read the code/reset the light for no charge. Of course, knowing the code doesn't always tell you exactly what caused it, but sometimes it gives a good clue. And, if you're lucky, it won't come back on for a while, perhaps long enough for you to take the car and get it inspected.

I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with the NH inspection process yet, but if it's similar to where I'm from, the game is all about finding a cooperative inspector. Some of them are very thorough due to liability and fear of the state coming after them. Others are hungry for work and will try to get you to fix stuff that's perfectly functional. Then there are the control freaks who enjoy nothing more than failing you on an obscure technicality. There are exceptions, of course - I used to drive an hour each way to go to an old man who literally checked nothing more than lights, signals, wipers, and horn.

Sometimes it helps if you can establish a relationship with a "regular" mechanic, as they might cut you some slack in hopes of continued business. So, if you've already had occasion to bring your car in for service somewhere, it might be worth going back there and mentioning you're a loyal repeat customer. Or if you're going somewhere new, you might say that a friend recommended their service (you want to be careful how you say it, if they think you're going there because you think they're going to rubber stamp the inspection sticker, that can really piss them off).

Another place to look might be Craigslist - I've seen several automotive service technicians on there advertising inspection services, and I have to think that anyone who is looking for work on Craigslist is probably a little more open minded than most...

It's all quite a racket. If I ever get active politically, this will be the first stupid law I go after   ;D



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Re: inspection
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2009, 08:40 PM NHFT »

I could read your codes for you, except I just loaned the code reader to a friend in Lee.

If you fail inspection, you can get it re-inspected at the same station at no charge for 60 days, I think. You don't get a pass from the police, though, but you could carry the receipt from the inspection station to show him, and he might give you some slack -- might!
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