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Author Topic: Libertarian/AC Independent Film looking for Online Marketing Manager  (Read 666 times)


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Our studio is making a feature-length movie called Silver Circle.  It's a thriller-romance story set in a 2019 economic disaster - and the rebels fighting back against the fed.  Think V for Vendetta meets Rothbard's Case against the Fed. 

Over the next year we will be doing heavy social networking and we are hiring someone to help.  Is anyone here interested in a job that combines social networking, and independent film/animation?  Do you know anyone who can help?

I'll attach our website and facebook fan page so you can follow us:

I'm the producer and please contact me via this board, facebook, or email, .  Also we'll be at the Mises Jekyll Island conference and speaking at Liberty Forum if you want to talk in person.

Here is the job description:


Lineplot is an animation production company in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. We are hard at work creating a feature-length thriller-romance film, Silver Circle, to be released in early 2011. In addition to telling a great story, the film will bring free-market and sound-money principles to a wide audience.

We have ambitious online marketing plans, with the goal to make this a grassroots-driven hit movie. We want to hire a highly skilled and results-driven communicator - an online guru who can reach beyond simply marketing our movie, to building an engaged community, an actual movement around the film.

We want to make this film into a phenomenon and community is key.

The Manager’s job includes:

  • Website Project Manager/Designer: The manager will launch the movie’s political website/blog over a 2-3 month period. Then, continue to manage and grow the community online until the launch of Silver Circle in early 2011. Includes: managing the overall timeline, key milestones and dependencies, setting up website metrics, overseeing status reporting, managing a design team (if necessary), creating website infrastructure, brand and feel.
    Preferred skills: web design, HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver, and Wordpress.
  • Online Communications & Marketing: The manager will write/edit/produce content regularly for the site, establish a network of online affiliates, and moderate members of the community. Build relations with key bloggers and influentials to reach a large and well-targeted audience. Find and engage with strategic, relevant, even controversial online conversations and communities to find new ideas and new readers. Leverage search engine marketing to draw more readers and sign-ups for the websites, videos and other media. Create monthly email newsletters. Develop online campaigns, contests, polls, money bombs and fundraising. Report on ROI from campaigns and help develop new strategies.
    Preferred background: Proven track record in building traffic to websites and in building engagement with communities.
  • Live Events: Organize and assist with real-life marketing activities: screenings, trade shows, volunteer events, college campus events, summer intern events in Washington DC, film festivals, comic/animation shows, and fundraisers.
    Essential: Incredible interpersonal skills.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Give volunteers creative opportunities to help spread awareness, interest and create energy for Silver Circle. Recruit and engage online volunteers to spread the word in creative ways. Facilitate and energize the group into a movement, all while managing results and metrics.
    The manager will work closely with our small team to define the strategies and tactics to engage our politically astute audience. Ideally the candidate will understand and have a strong interest in the liberty movement, libertarian ideas, monetary policy, and/or independent film.

Ideal skills/attributes include: superior writing skills, excellent verbal presence, the flexibility to manage in a fast-paced film startup, strong understanding of marketing analytics and metrics, and project management skills. Aptitude in web, graphics design and Mac productivity software is key. BA/BS and 2 -3 years of experience in web communications and strategy development preferred.

Salary: Depends on experience.

Submit: Cover letter, resume and portfolio of web projects (websites, blogs, content developed)
To: Pasha Roberts (producer/director) on facebook or email.
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