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"Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."  --Alexander Haig

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Author Topic: Answer to yesterday- one left behind  (Read 10 times)


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Answer to yesterday- one left behind
« on: March 29, 2012, 08:37 AM NHFT »

One left behind
   Placing blame on the DAV, VFW, or even the American Legion is wrong for it can get no clearer speaking out against government wrongs cannot be tolerated.  It does not take brains to be a US Marine and maybe that is why I do not hear powerful government authority telling me to stop.  It takes an idiot to run up a hill while being fired at or in my case running out in front of a F-4 doing 200-600 knots signaling the pilot if he hooked.  I did eight convoys as American Advisor sometimes lying so still in a ditch to let the enemy patrol pass is the sign of a coward or idiot.   I left men in my squad injured or dead in the spot until the mission was complete with no emotion or thought.  If a person had any brains at all he or she would go to college and get an education to avoid conflict.  It takes all kinds to make up our US Military for we with no brains protect and defend our Constitution from the enemy.  Maybe for my actions as a US Marine Sgt rejection is what I deserve for what I have done. 
   Some will say this is a sad story and that I am looking for sympathy.   Don’t get your hopes up.  I would not ask men or women under my command do that what I have not done myself.  I cannot ask or expect any help for this is all my own creation of speaking publicly about government wrongs when our own government told me to stop or suffer.   I am so mentally unstable newspapers willingly censor my opinion letters for the public’s safety.  Knowing the danger this mentally unstable US Marine is editors and government officials have conspired to stop my opinion letters to prevent my being elected to a government position by the ignorant voters.  What have I done as the government believes and has stopped my medical care for combat related disabilities to teach me to obey?  Placing blame for is as wrong as anyone having any feelings for my turmoil. 
   Citizens, especially US Marines with no brains has no right to publicly tell the world of the NH Supreme Court crimes against our Constitution.  The NH SC criminally violated the Constitution to protect a brother judge against the peace and dignity of the USA.  Judge Peter Fauver used the trusted power of the people to let the Madbury NH selectmen take for their own self-gain from the local residents.  I volunteer my time to help a family that only knew me from my opinion letters in the newspaper.   I have no right to believe that I earned the right to use freedom of speech in any way when the authority told me to stop.  This Madbury family is only a few individuals so it is justified to harm them for the credibility and character of a judge doing wrong.  It is funny how a dumb Marine survives writing of criminal wrongs by some of the most powerful authority and publicly using the law they cannot stop me for the truth is a powerful weapon.
   I killed in hand-to-hand combat about a ten-year-old child on guard to get my M-16 back and escape.  Don’t Blame the DAV, VFW or the American Legion for to leave one behind fits the new character of the USA where we harm individuals to protect a special class of society. 
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839
   PS The tenacity to speak the truth no newspapers will have the will to print.                   
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