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Author Topic: Reality of war  (Read 12 times)


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Reality of war
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:35 AM NHFT »

Veterans Administration Pledges
   “VA makes progress on pledge to end veterans homelessness” is missing the key point.  Doctors and a civilized society that has no idea what it is like to be there and come back alive when so many better than you do not: happens to be a key ingredient no one considers.  When I came back in 74 the VA was a joke that only fools went to for care.  Long lines and inept government workers just looking to collect a pay check.  Times have changed where the lines no longer exist and the medical staff do care and give 110%.  The one fact that has not changed is the pills given to US Military Veterans that dissolve the brain to keep us quite.  Veterans are Ginny pigs used to establish pet projects to make politicians that never served look good.  No one can see into another person’s mind where the drilled to kill and the actual performance with no feelings or emotions day after day becoming complacent with your own death is a factor in coming home.  Civilized society honors and praises us when we first come home but fails to accept the cruel and uncivilized ways that we survived enemy action.  Silent Demons is the new term used as it becomes the only way to identify the long term goal of adjusting into a new world back here.  The pride I get for sticking a bayonet up under the rib cage of a child to get my M-16 back and escape for that is when I finally felt like a full US Marine.  I was only a child as American Advisor on convoy in the bush where no one else spoke American.  Talking with family, friends or public on such matters makes people look down where acceptance turns to disgust and hate.  VA doctors look for inaccuracies and justifiable statements to make the memory fit into what a civilized society can accept.  The harsh, demanding voice and the need for friends and family to follow the chain of command disrupts and destroys life back here in the world.  As family and friends reject or you separate from the ones that you love to spare them the suffering for what we have done.  The VA uses the Red Flag under the term safety to identify and separate us from you.  Even the people meant to treat us see danger in what we have become.  Many US Military understand and have the ability to cage the mental anguish so those around do not learn for the judgment is too harsh.  Many US Military lose loved ones unable to accept or leave loved ones before they learn what society will never understand about you.  Jobs become lost as mental anguish and enemy resurgence in the mind as homelessness becomes home for VA medication only takes away what we dreamed so hard to one day see.  It was called the ”world” but in reality it was the USA and all we fought for.
   The VA can never make progress until they see that what we did they just can never understand.  Each individual US Military Veteran accepts reality that never existed over there in their own mind and VA testing medication to distort the reality of what we came home to is not the solution. 
   The news media inflames the public on our actions over there but refuses to print our opinion letters for our words are to truthful.
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