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Author Topic: PTSD Vet Care  (Read 8 times)


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PTSD Vet Care
« on: April 08, 2012, 09:15 AM NHFT »

PTSD Vet Care
   I do not want to say it does not work the different attempts to treat PTSD in our US Military Veterans that come home from “In Country”.  The belief “Deepest with in the heart letting it out will heal the heart” may be true in its own way.  How can giving up feelings and emotions to survive the conquest of defying every civilized part instilled by society ever be restored?  To openly talk to people those were not there or ever could imagine living it to gain their approval is like cutting off your finger to shorten the fingernail.   Talking to other US Military that were there is the same as going to the VFW bar and telling war stories.  PTSD is not the inability to give or receive love: it is the ability to control ones emotions to the point others feel uncomfortable being with you.  The inadvertent act of control over others as if in charge in life or death situations of enemy movement.  Speaking loud and clear today brings attention where learning to do it defeated the enemy is a habit people back here cannot accept even though it is a part of our character.  Our ability to give and feel love never left us.  Our character does not give and feel love that way you expect us too.  The reoccurring feelings that an every day situation or a word innocent people around in every day life back here ignite in our mind.  The habit to drop to the ground in reaction to sudden loud noise over the years reduces to a quick flinch but society still cannot accept it.  To always take the seat with a wall to your back never can people back here understand.  Habits over the years we can learn to suppress but the mind never completely lets go.  The habit will just by reaction come out at the most inappropriate times.  Doctors and people back here in the “Real world” USA want to make us that same innocent child with great future potential back.  That innocent child was taut by this civilized society to be a killing machine and over time we can learn to control it (some better than others) but it can never be taken back.  I am proud that the Marine Corps taught and allowed me to do many things people back here cannot conceive as humanly possible.  You back here want to put us in jail because we cannot always conform to civilized society or drug us because we learned too well how to survive protecting and defending our Constitution on foreign soil. 
   Some see the harm our character is doing to the ones we love and leave.  Others are rejected and have to leave.  Family and friends see a lazy lost soul that wasted such good potential as they reject us.  The Veterans Administration Red Flags us or drugs us to demonstrate civilized society has no place for us. 
   Newspapers and other forms of communication will censor opinion letters just like this one as the safety of the public comes before we that gave everything to protect and defend our constitution are heard.  Different attempts to treat PTSD have to start with your ability to understand we give and receive love just not the way you can accept.
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
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