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Author Topic: "Simple Solar Homesteading" video series -- small off grid cabin  (Read 518 times)


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This guy won't win any awards for video production values. He's unashamed of the fact that his place is a mess, and much of his handiwork is temporary in nature and shows obvious signs of duct tape and baling wire.

But... he knows his stuff. That is, he knows his stuff, and how to work his systems. Parts of the system change from video to video. It's natural for a work in progress like this.

His basic 14x14 cabin with a loft cost $2,000 using new materials. He spent about $3,000 on his solar system, and has a small wind turbine, with gasoline generator backup. He salvaged a few things from an RV. He gets wireless broadband, and over-the-air television.

When he fired up his TV in one video, it shows KUTV, so I assume he's in the northern AZ/Salt Lake City area.

While his videos are long and not of the greatest quality, they're very informative. He's obviously not working from a script, just walking through and explaining everything. It's chock full of information, and like I already said, he really knows his stuff.

I'm on video 14 of 37 in his "off the grid" playlist. Here's the link to his playlist of all 50 of his uploaded videos:

Here's his main website, and he has both dead tree and ebook versions of his plans and information:

Russell Kanning

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Re: "Simple Solar Homesteading" video series -- small off grid cabin
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