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Author Topic: NH Veterans Study Commission  (Read 10 times)


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NH Veterans Study Commission
« on: May 05, 2012, 10:52 AM NHFT »

NH Veterans Study Commission
   Studies do no good if the abuse and neglect continue just under a different camouflage.  Each war or conflict it is given a different name  “battle fatigue” “PTSD” and many other names for the same old disability.   The thing is people treating and dreaming up these commissions that have never been there.  Not all veterans have been in a conflict or a war.  Don’t get me wrong my belief is that every US Military veteran deserves the greatest respect and honor.   Some one that has not lived with death and become so complacent with it becomes a part of your character cannot relate or understand.  It is said the innocent child that left came back a monster.  We did things people back here in the real world cannot even conceive as humanly possible.  You cannot even listen to me for the disgust my feelings and description of events build in your mind.  At 17 I joined the Marine Corps.  I was shipped off to the Vietnam Conflict shortly after.  The pride I felt with my first kill will never leave my mind for that was the second I felt a US Marine was created.  I was American Advisor on Thai convoys delivering surplus supplies to friendly camps deep in the bush across Laos and Cambodia.  One night we stopped at a friendly village and the enemy took me.  I escaped their campsite and watched what looked like a 12 year-old gook about a click away walking guard die as I pulled my bayonet out.  I did what many back here call despicable, uncivilized acts during my time in the MC.  I have a TBI from the MC, which took my complete memory of any part of my life before the MC.  I came back to a world that I knew no one or had ever been here before.   I have what they call PTSD for I relive events daily of what I have done.  I have attempted suicide many times over the years since I have returned.  A veteran has to be careful how much you tell the VA for they will take the veterans freedom under medical reasons or attempt to medicate you to clear the books of your need for help. 
   Your article describes Dan Potenza from the Manchester VA in your article.  Dr Potenza treated me and he has my permission to speak about me to any one he wants.  Potenza’s description of the light switch is perfect in what life feels like.  The VA and NH government claim that I am a danger so they refuse to treat my combat medical needs.  Can you imagine not treating medical needs of any person to stop free speech?  It is happening right here in NH to a 100% disabled US Marine.
   The news media is so set on the danger to the public that I am they refuse to print my opinion letters of government wrongs.  The news media will go so far as not to print this response letter to the NH Veterans commission article from a US Military Veteran that was there.
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi
465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839         
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