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"Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."  --Alexander Haig

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Author Topic: NH State Senate District 21 Free States help it is for your benifit  (Read 11 times)


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Candidate must be silent
   I refuse to be silent about what I will do if elected.  The news media takes the opposite road as they censor my every word.  What type of country do we live in where the opinion of the people is censored: especially when it is a candidate for NH State Senate District 21?  NH and the Veterans Administration stop my medical care for combat related disabilities and there is no road to take.  The thousands of civilized citizens that read my letter every day but the newspapers refuse to let the local residents of NH and District 21 understand!  The civilized citizen does not want violence to solve problems but how far does a 100% disabled US Military Veteran with Traumatic Brain injury and PTSD along with the pain of my broken back and confusion daily from my lack of hearing from my USMC tour go before the mind breaks?  To selectively pick who will and who will not be protected by our Constitution is discrimination.  The newspapers are a private business but the ethical and moral responsibility is greater than their ability to censor the words of a candidate for NH State Senate District 21.
   I told the world in my last few letters about buying eleven acres of land to build a place for yesterdays, today and future US Military disabled or just needing to go in their attempts to come home mentally as well as physically.  To censor any opinion letter of government wrongs is inconceivable.  To harm US Military Veterans by the newspaper censoring opinion letters to protect criminal wrongs by the NH Supreme Court cannot be tolerated.  The ten or so elected officials; government workers and their staff that contacted me about my letter on the Veteran chapel impressed me.  My thing is if my letters are so widely read by judges, government officials and workers why can the wrongs continue.  Can be correcting the wrongs of the NH Supreme Court by a commoner be so wrong?
   I love the people that tell me I need medical care for my mental state.  My head injury and PTSD are service connected and the VA refuses treatment for them until I stop writing opinion letters of government wrongs.  I can get all the medical care in the world for any other illness or injury that is not service connected.  The lack of medical care for my service-connected disabilities, related to the harassing from the VA suicide Hotline and now the Easter Seals suicide hotline is to encourage my Suicide to get out of this place during a PTSD incident.  Suicide is the answer they keep telling me by to infer.   
   A civilized Society that allows by silence government wrongs to medically harm a 100% Disabled US Military Veteran or any citizen is wrong.  I want so much to help all US Military Veterans that I bought with my family‚Äôs own money eleven acres to make this possible.  This is how much my family and I believe in making the USA better at all cost.  A candidate must be silent has to alarm some one.  Do we allow newspapers and government officials to control a free election to what they want to come out of it?
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi
465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839     
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