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"Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."  --Alexander Haig

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Author Topic: Paranoid  (Read 95 times)


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« on: August 14, 2012, 10:37 AM NHFT »

   Paranoid by government consequences!  What a strange set of words.  To claim the insanity defenses will never happen in my case.  I am not insane, I just do not remember any part of my life before my seventeenth birthday.  I live a life many would see as a person with everything.  I co mingle with others as well as have a productive day fixing my own meals and volunteering to help others live a better live.  I am so good that running for NH State Senate District 21 is something I feel should be allowed to do to give the voters a different choice.  I have no idea of the depth my trying to adjust and live in this civilized society will take me.  The doors being changed as if government officials do not have to obey the law if it is claimed to be for the safety of the community is overwhelming.  The VA and NH Government conspire to stop my medical care for combat related disabilities and at the same time tell the American people the danger my mental state is.  The newspapers claim the opinion of the people is a major part of a democratic form of government but at the same time censor my telling the citizens of the USA just what the VA and NH government is doing to this 100% disabled US Marine. My mental and Physical conditions are a direct consequence of my servicing in the USMC during the Vietnam Conflict. 
   The New Hampshire Supreme Court refuses to hear a case presented to them of Judge Peter Fauver criminally violating the Constitution to intentionally harm other US citizens.  I presented the case to the NH SC and the consequences of my doing this is government retribution.  Talking is only a civilized society’s way of solving problems is if the government gives you permission to speak.  I am running for NH State Senate District 21 and the newspapers censor my words to protect the public from such a danger.  What right do I even have to be alive and live in this civilized free society? 
   I am so productive that my wife and I spent our life savings to start a Veteran Resort-Chapel in Lee NH to help US Military Veterans not go through what are the consequences of my servicing during the Vietnam conflict.  The newspapers and government believe that I am such a danger they censor my very words and actions to attempt to volunteer to help others.  On one hand I live a productive life in the eyes of so many I just do not know who or where I am.  I talk about the ditch in Cambodia where the gook patrol pasted with in inches of my position and did not detect me being there.  I talk about the consequences of the remarks this free society gives if I talk about being taken one night by gooks from a friendly village while American Advisor on convoy deep in the bush. I killed a child to get my M-16 back and escape only to have you all express that I am a baby killer.  I honestly do not know if I am paranoid or just never came back to the “real World” USA.
   To censor the words of any individual is wrong.  To censor the words of a candidate for NH State Senate District 21 just cannot ever be tolerated.  I have to leave it up to You All because I am as you say just a Paranoid mental case that may or may not have come back to a place that we are not welcome for what we did.
   I want to Thank the United States of America for taking me in.   
Pete Macdonald USMC Semper Fi
465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839           
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