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"Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."  --Alexander Haig

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Author Topic: 600 homeless veterans in NH  (Read 80 times)


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600 homeless veterans in NH
« on: August 16, 2012, 08:13 AM NHFT »

600 Homeless Veterans in NH
   My wife and I put up our life savings to buy eleven acres of water front property in Lee NH to build may be ten cabins for homeless veterans to live free of charge until they get back on their feet or forever.  We also want to build ten or so waterfront campsites for veterans and their families to go to build a better relationship also for free.  The editors are so adamant to harm my character in the public eye they refuse to print my opinion letters on the subject.  I am a veteran that came back and had no right to because much butter men and women gave their lives that would have better contributed to this civilized society.  A veteran with his wife’s help: helping other veterans come home mentally and physically from defending and protecting our USA.  600 homeless veterans in NH alone and this civilized society will not speak up as the newspapers censor opinion letters just like this one on government wrongs.  I am 100% disabled with four disabilities, three being combat related.  PTSD and TBI is a situation that my wife and children has endured and accepted with out kicking me out and now she wants to help other Veterans have the same chance.   I broke my back during one Vietnam offensive being blown off the runway, recovered and went on another mission only to have my ears lose most of the hearing from explosions.   
   I am running for NH State Senate District 21 you would think the news media would inform the readers.  Powerful people are afraid if I get elected the facts of the NH Supreme Court covering up Judge Peter Favuer criminally violating the Constitution to intentionally harm US Citizens will become public knowledge.  Some of the Illegal acts NH and the VA have done to stop me is stopping my medical care for combat related disabilities and putting me in jail.  I lost my freedom for 6 months before the bogus charges were dropped.  The newspaper to this day has not told the NH public the truth on the subject.   I only tell you this as back ground to why the news media refuses to inform the public of the Veteran Resort-Chapel.  The news media and politicians will use the life of homeless veterans if it means not reviling government and the NH Supreme Court wrongs that the news media covered up.
   I have endured as I read “Paddling for prevention of suicide in the newspaper today.   Suicide is some thing I should have done before coming back to the “world” USA.  I was just to ignorant to realize citizens that never served in our armed forces will never accepting us back.  Suicide prevention is hearing what is said not just listening.  600 homeless veterans on the streets of NH being used to stop the words of a 100% disabled veteran on the NH Supreme Court criminal violations of the Constitution.  What a life I put my wife and daughter through and they are still willing to stand by me.  My wife was not only willing but put our life savings on the line to help as many of the six hundred homeless US Military veterans as possible. 
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839
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