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"Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."  --Alexander Haig

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Author Topic: Tom I hope this answers your uncalled for interpidation of my words  (Read 419 times)


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   Violent letters being ignored by this civilized society may be it is time for communication to solve problems in place of violence.  I do not believe in violence since coming back from the Vietnam conflict.  What I do know is that with four disabilities from the Marine Corps stopping my medical care for said injuries is uncalled for as government retribution to stop my opinion letters of government wrongs.  It is the free will of the people to intrepid my letters as they wish.   May be to look and see the criminal wrongs no one wants to address is a good start to a solution avoiding violence.  Many US Military Veterans just like me (but they) because of circumstances loose their family, friends, job to become homeless on the street in direct response of the effects of protecting and defending your freedom.   The Veterans Administration ignores or rejects these men and women for budget or pet project reasons, as the blind eye of the public does not see.  The contempt the public feels for my suicide attempts wishing one to be successful detract from the PTSD and TBI disabilities to outrage the public in fear. 
   Freedom of the Press is so biased to censor my opinion letters of government wrongs they ignore my wife putting our life savings up to help other US Military Veterans and their family’s from avoiding the above homeless out come.  The web address at the beginning is my Concord Stage Coach up for sale to help pay for the Veteran Resort Chapel yet the news media will not inform the public of a citizen giving everything to help other US Military mentally and physically come home if at all possible.  I have a head injury as well as Combat PTSD.  Law enforcement as well as government officials including the VA use my mental state as a weapon to harm my character in the public eye.   Homeless US Military Veterans become that way from this very scenario.  US Military Veterans become homeless because society will not hear what we say as they listen.  I have no idea what I was as a child when I left to be a US Marine.  I am sixty years old and this civilized society still cannot accept what I have done just like that one that spit on me as I got off the plane coming home so long ago.
   I write as a form of communication to tell others of government wrongs.  To use violence has no place in a civilized society.  The NH Supreme Court violated the Constitution and to cover it up criminal wrongs are inflicted by law enforcement and government officials believing citizens like me are not allowed to confront the special class of society.  The NH SC refuses to hear a case where Judge Peter Fauver used the law to help the Madbury NH selectmen take from local residents for the selectmen’s own gains cannot be tolerated. 
   To have any government, law enforcement or citizen use my mental state to harm my character to gain public support against me cannot be tolerated.  My wife and I want to build a Veteran Resort-Chapel for some of the 600 homeless US Military Veterans to live free of charge so may be some day they will truly come home.  Violence is our past we become homeless to keep it with in for your safety.  You have no idea what I just said as you listen but do not hear.
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839                 
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