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Author Topic: Redondo Beach man shot at by Torrance police during Christopher Dorner pursuit t  (Read 39 times)


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 A Redondo Beach surfer shot at by Torrance police officers who mistakenly believed he was fugitive cop Christopher Dorner is poised to file a lawsuit next week alleging the incident destroyed his life and he can no longer work and can barely talk or walk.

David Perdue, 38, has suffered a concussion, vertigo and post traumatic stress since the Feb. 7 shooting that occurred moments after Los Angeles police officers fired at two female newspaper carriers, also mistakenly believing they were Dorner.

"David can barely walk at this point," his attorney, Robert Sheahen, said Friday. "(His wife) said, `I never thought that at age 27, I would have two kids without a father, and I would be a caretaker for a husband who turned into a 70-year-old man."'

Sheahen said mediation efforts with Torrance attorneys to reach a settlement failed Thursday after a nearly four-hour session with a retired judge.

"Torrance is just insulting him," Sheahen said. "They finally, at the end, agreed to give him Blue Book value for the truck."

A Torrance police officer rammed Perdue's Honda Ridgeline truck to stop him and fired three bullets at him in a confrontation on Flagler Lane near Beryl Street about 5:30 in the morning. The bullets missed Perdue, but went through his windshield. Sheahen said Perdue's air bag deployed during the crash, and officers dragged him from the truck at gunpoint.

At the time, the officer was responding to a barrage of
gunfire around the block on Redbeam Avenue, where eight Los Angeles police officers opened fire on a pickup truck they believed Dorner was driving. Dorner, a former officer fired from the force in 2009 for making false allegations against a fellow officer at the Harbor Division in San Pedro, wrote a frightening manifesto outlining his plans to take revenge on police officers' families.

By the time of the shooting, Dorner had killed a former officer's daughter and her fiance in Irvine, shot an LAPD officer in Corona, and shot two Riverside police officers, killing one.

Teams of Los Angeles police officers fanned out across Southern California to guard the homes of officers involved in Dorner's firing. One of those homes was on Redbeam.

Less than two hours after Dorner killed the Riverside officer, police heard a report that he was on his way to the South Bay. About that time, a pickup truck carrying Los Angeles Times newspaper carriers Emma Hernandez, 71, and her daughter, Margie Carranza, 47, pulled onto the block. The officers opened fire, riddling their truck with bullets and wounding Hernandez.

Torrance Police Chief John Neu said in an interview a week after the shooting that his officers heard the reports that Dorner had killed officers and family members and was on his way to the South Bay. Hearing the gunshots, officers believed he had arrived.

Just before the shots were fired, Perdue set out to pick up a friend to go surfing, but found officers blocking his path on Flagler. Torrance officers, who were there to help protect the LAPD official, told him to turn around. As he did, the shots rang out. Arriving officers believed he was Dorner leaving the shooting, rammed his truck, and opened fire.

Neu said he apologized to Perdue.

Sheahen said the shooting has ruined Perdue's life. He described him as a South Bay surfer who worked as a United Airlines baggage handler.

"He tried to work once and couldn't do it," Sheahen said. "Even more telling is he tried to go in the water, once in the ocean, and can't do it. His entire life and his wife's life were just ended by Torrance. What they did to him is unconscionable in every respect."

Torrance City Attorney John Fellows said he had no comment.

"As far as I know it wasn't resolved," Fellows said.

Torrance police Sgt. Robert Watt said the "primary goal is a resolution to this matter."

"We hope to eventually get there," Watt said.

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Get ordered to turn around and then get shot at by different cops.
And cops go crazy over shots fired .... By other cops.
We were in that area then and people were scared of the cops.
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