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"Let them march all they want, as long as they pay their taxes."  --Alexander Haig

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Author Topic: OpEd For KFP: "What is America's Culture?""  (Read 566 times)


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OpEd For KFP: "What is America's Culture?""
« on: July 30, 2006, 05:11 PM NHFT »

What is ?American Culture??

In my last column, I asked for readers to email me with their feelings on what American Culture means to them.  My reason for asking was that so many immigration control advocates are always bemoaning the loss of ?their culture?, so I wanted to know exactly what that means.

Joseph Meighan in Winchester responds:
?America?s Culture has always been based on Western Civilization (ie, traditions, ideals, morals,laws, etc...)  This country was formed as a FREE Christian Republic. Look at ALL of our historical documents that our Founding Fathers penned and you will always see GOD mentioned. My definition of America's Culture would be our Christian, European Heritage.?

Mr. Meighan believes that the culture of America is and should be Christian and European.  Other cultures don?t belong in his America!  It seems that Mr. Meighan does not understand the point to this country.  It was not intended to be ?Europe 2?.  America was a place where people from all cultures, all religions (or lack thereof), all around the world, could come to and find FREEDOM.  Also, to his claim that this country was founded as a ?Christian Republic?, perhaps he should look a little closer at our Founding Fathers? writings.  Many of them were Deists, not Christians.

Meighan then goes on to promote a book by some Republican or Democrat congressthug:
In his book, he addresses the question, "Could there be a time in the not-too-distant future when schoolchildren around the world will study about the rise and fall of the United States?"

I sure hope so.  The United States is a failed experiment.  It?s now clear we can?t all get along, and should stop trying.  Dissolving the USA is the only sensible solution.  Here?s my vision:

People like Meighan, who want to preserve their ?Christian European? culture by excluding all others should all move together to the same state, say, Utah.  Build a big wall around the state, and crack down hard on all immigrants who aren?t ?Christian European?.  Not like anyone would want to immigrate there anyway.

Socialists, Communists, and ?Progressives? should all move to the West Coast, and continue down the road to their ?Worker?s Paradise?.

People who love true Liberty, like me, will continue moving to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project.  Liberty lovers understand that in order to have true Liberty, one must be willing to grant that Liberty to all others.  There?s no reason to fear our neighbors, because in the Free Market, there will be no coercive state around for interest groups to use to lord control over others.  Private property rights and Market demand will be how society?s rules are created.  Only people in search of Liberty and the great opportunity that comes with it will be attracted to NH.  It doesn?t matter to me what color they are, or what their nationality or traditions are.  Without coercive government around, I?m safe from them imposing any of their values on me.

Do Unto Others

As an Atheist and someone who finds many traditions silly, does that make me a threat to your ?culture??  No.  Here?s why:

I will never force my belief system down anyone?s throat.  It doesn?t matter to me if my neighbors are Christians, Muslims, Wiccans, Atheists, Asians, Europeans, or Africans.  It doesn?t matter to me what they celebrate, how they spend their time, or what their preferences are.  All that matters, is that they leave me be.

People like Mr. Meighan misplace their anger.  They see the America they once loved crumbling around them.  It feels hopeless.  In response, they lash out at people who are different from them, as though they are the problem.

In fact, the problem is government.  Government pits culture against culture, interest group against interest group.  It encourages an all out cultural war for control of the state.  Government is nothing more than a violent tool that various groups gain control of in order to attempt to control other groups.  What people who seek this power do not understand is that when you attempt to control others, you will inevitably find yourself controlled.

Witness how Mr. Meighan doesn?t get it:
?America is heading down the road to ruin unless we protect our borders, language, and culture. The course we are now on will lead us into the dustbin of history....?

When Meighan says ?protect?, he means ?control?.  He means internal checkpoints, which already exist in Texas and New Mexico.  If the immigration controllers get their way, they?ll be nationwide.  He means National ID cards.  The Feds have already passed the ?Real ID? legislation, so these are on the way.  It means Federal agents raiding businesses and homes looking for ?illegals?.  This too, is already happening, and will just expand.  It means federal approval for all employee hires.  There is already a voluntary program in place; soon it will go nationwide if the controllers get their way.  If you thought the ?No Fly? list was bad, just wait.

?Show us your papers!?

Is that the America you want to live in?  That?s the America people like Meighan are creating, whether they realize it or not.  Give up your addiction to government control, Joe.  Re-learn about Liberty and Responsibility.  Try reading ?Harry Browne?s ?Why Government Doesn?t Work?, Mary Ruwart?s ?Healing our World?, and Morris and Linda Tannehills? ?The Market for Liberty?.

Stop trying to control others.  Control and force don?t sound very Christian to me.  Email me anytime at ian at

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