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Ok, so I have been researching as to what type of gun would suit me.  There are so many to choose from.  I have a limited knowledge of firearms, as i use to shoot when i was a kid, on a farm!  I am getting myself familiar with the rules and regulation with the state of RI, which I am currently living in.  I printed out the 38 page carry permit packet from the Attorney General, which included the policy, laws and a application.  After reading it, I was quite discouraged, it seems like a long process, which, can be denied for no given reason.  I can see people at this point, after reading 38 pages, just plainly giving up.   The application consists of "proper showing of need".  It would be easy if they asked me why i need a gun, and I would simply state, that I am execersizing my second amendment rights.  But they ask it in a different way, any mental illnesses, any legal name changes, arrestments, convictions, any any other name i go by, nicknames, alias... the questions go on and on.   Nevermind the fee for the application! 

So after doing all that paperwork, Now I need to figure out what type of gun will match my shoes!  I have basic questions, like what is the difference between a mm and a caliber? Bullets, hollow tip verses not hollow?  I cant remember back to by childhood of reloading bullets back on the farm...  A glock was suggested to me, but they seem kind of boarish and heavy to me.  I dont want the recoil to be too strong that I am afraid to use the darn thing!  Nor to i want a cap gun.  I do alot of hiking alone deep in the woods between NH and RI.  I usually carry a knife on me, but i cant see myself stabbing a rabid dog that is chewing on my leg.  I started caring a knife because i have had incounters with dogs, a gun would have been choice, but was underage at the time of the need to carry protection. 

If anyone has any suggestions as to what is a good all around female's firearm, it would be greatly appreciated! 

Beth from RI!!

I highly recommend the NRA basic pistol course as a refresher. You can probably find one for ladies like I did. Then you can ask questions and not be too embarrassed if color matching comments slip out.

And then go join Second Amendment Sisters. (they have a cool kitchen apron that I bought)

I chose a 38 special. Not too big or too little. Having fun at the range, too.


Check Tony Lekas' courses at and he can also advise you.

Those are great suggestions!  Keep them comming, im learning so much!  Thanks Ladies! 


--- Quote from: Beth221 on January 24, 2007, 07:11 PM NHFT ---Those are great suggestions!  Keep them comming, im learning so much!  Thanks Ladies! 

--- End quote ---

I just noticed the nav bar was messed up and fixed it, and while I'm here, this is the sched for training with Tony:


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