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Author Topic: A Business Opportunity for Privacy Seekers  (Read 904 times)


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A Business Opportunity for Privacy Seekers
« on: July 22, 2007, 05:14 PM NHFT »

Maybe the following e-mail will spark your interest. If you're even tentatively interested or just curious, drop Jon a line. Please mention that Andrew (firefox[dash]gen[at]firefox[dot]org) sent you, as I'm hoping to get a finder's fee out of this.

In the meantime, here is more info, below. (We're now in discussions with
several parties - thank you if you've helped spread the word. But given that
some of them are getting serious, I wanted to get you the info below sooner
rather than later.)

My partner Doug and I don't have time to put into Power Privacy any longer,
yet believe the site has the potential to grow significantly with a little
time and attention to generating new content and aggressively marketing it.

At its height, when we were generating new content every month and charging
users a monthly access fee, Power Privacy was generating more than $2,000 a

In the fall of 2006, we put Power Privacy into a "life support" mode and
turned ourselves to other businesses. We set up a one time membership fee on
Power Privacy for new users to access all existing content, and removed all
references in the promotional copy to there being constantly-updated
content. We only log in once a week or so to take care of the occasional
customer service email. Even now, the site is still making about $1,200 a
month. I can show you documentation that supports this.

We believe someone who buys Power Privacy could start generating new content
again, market the site (we've done nothing in a year), grandfather existing
subscribers forward yet start charging new users a monthly fee again. The
site has the potential for making many thousands of dollars a month, we
believe. We just ran out of time to devote to the project in the face of
more lucrative opportunities.

As of today, Power Privacy has 2004 user accounts, i.e. 2004 people have
registered themselves a free trial account on Power Privacy. More sign up
every day. The vast majority are unpaid "member" accounts, i.e. prospects
you can market to, because you have their email addresses. Yet as of today,
156 of the 2004 accounts are paying subscribers. Some of them are still
paying between $20-$100 a month, automatically, because they haven't seen
that we've moved to a flat rate system. Money just arrives in our PayPal

We came up with the $10k figure based on 5 times our previous $2k monthly
revenue. We believe you could easily make your money back in 5 months with a
little work.

In assuming the business, you would get all relevant access codes, which you
would be welcome to change as soon as the transition took place, ensuring
you were the only one who could access the systems going forward:
1. Domain registrations (GoDaddy)
2. VisionGate Fusion (the content management system we use)
3. PostAffiliate Pro (our affiliate tracking system, presently dormant,
because running an affiliate program took more time than we were willing to
invest - but we paid for the software and it's fully configured)
4. All email account usernames and associated passwords,
accessible through POP3, and FTP information
5. The verified PayPal account associated with Power Privacy, in which
payments are deposited - we'll sign this over to you, because all the
existing 156 subscriptions are associated with this account, and switching
to another PayPal account would "break" those subscriptions, but we'll
remove from the PayPal account the bank account to which we currently
transfer proceeds ... it would be your responsibility to attach and verify a
new bank account to this PayPal account, so as to transfer funds out

We'd give you some basic transition training, but would ask that you invest
time in learning the VisionGate Fusion platform independently, using the
documentation available from the publisher.

It would also be important for you to understand that you'd benefit from a
technical background in assuming this, or any, website. While you don't NEED
to have knowledge of HTML to run the existing site, it really helps when
customizing pages to your liking.

To move forward, we'd be happy to show you our bank statements that
illustrate Power Privacy's earnings. We could even provide you with
administrator-level access to our system for a brief period of time to look
behind the scenes. If you liked what you saw, we'd perform our transaction.

To secure the opportunity ahead of other parties we're in discussions with
already, I'd ask for a show of good faith on your part - as an illustration
of your seriousness and your ability to perform this transaction, we'll
"open the kimono" if you make a refundable $2,000 USD deposit to us through
PayPal ( Or to the following bank account:

Routing # 114924742
Account # 1700869589
Beneficiary Jon Winthrop
Bank: Inter National Bank
Type: Checking

We can also accept Western Union or MoneyGram if more convenient to you.

Should the transaction not go forward, we'll refund your money. How can you
believe us? You "know where we live," i.e. Power Privacy, and could sully
our name in public forums if your money disappeared. We'd have a vested
interest in being on the up-and-up because we'd want to see the other $8k
after you've done your diligence and investigated things to your liking.
Here's hoping we can do business,

Jon Winthrop
Power Privacy

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Re: A Business Opportunity for Privacy Seekers
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2007, 11:52 PM NHFT »

Hey, techno-stars:  this looks somewhat interesting. If any of you has an interest, and the technical expertise, to make this work, let's talk.
P.S.  Am I allowed to put emails on this forum?


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Re: A Business Opportunity for Privacy Seekers
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2007, 11:51 AM NHFT »

I'm browsing through the site now.  It looks like something I'd be interested in too.  I don't have too much technical expertise but I've been studying to run my own affiliate site for a while now. 


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Re: A Business Opportunity for Privacy Seekers
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2007, 03:13 AM NHFT »

PM me and I'll give you the contact info for the person who's making the offer. There are some other bidders out there, so getting in contact NOW rather than later is probably a wise idea! 8-)
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