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Author Topic: BLIZZARD PROJECT 1.05: Candidates for NH Executive Council  (Read 330 times)


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BLIZZARD PROJECT 1.05: Candidates for NH Executive Council
« on: August 04, 2010, 05:09 PM NHFT »

The purpose of this storm is to identify candidates for the New
Hampshire Executive Council in the 2010 New Hampshire general
election, and each candidate's stants on the issues identified in the
thread "1.03: The Issues".

Candidates for New Hampshire Executive Council:

  a.k.a. Governors Council
  Five seats, elected by district.
  Decisions made by simple majority vote.
  Approve or reject all contracts over $5,000.00.
  Effective veto on state budget.
  Immense amount of power, largely unrecognized power.

  District 1:

               Ray Burton (Republican, incumbent):
       Fairly liberal Republican.

          Lunie(?) (Democrat):

  District 2:

               John Shay (Democrat, incumbent):

          Jim Adams (Republican):
                 Fiscal conservative.
                 Ran regional USPS.

          Dan St Hilaire (Republican):
            Nice, but spends.
                 Seen vote against the Concord City budget.
                 Asks a lot of hard questions about spending.
                 Seems to be pretty fiscally conservative.

          Peter Spaulding (Republican):

  District 3:

               Beverly "Bev" Hollingworth (Democrat, incumbent):

          Chris Sununu (Republican):
                 Small government.
                 Low taxes.
                 Keep marijuana illegal.

  District 4:  (Manchester area)

               Ray "the wiz" Wiczork(spelling?) (Republican, incumbent):
            Fiscal conservative.
                 Really common-sense.

          ? (Democrat):

  District 5:  (Nashua, Keene area)

               Deb. Pignotelli (Democrat, incumbent):

          ? (Republican):

  If you have something to add to this list, reply on this thread.
  If you feel something here is incorrect, please say so!

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